2017 Nissan Titan

April 28th, 2017 by

The Titan is Nissans new smaller pickup truck with unbeatable towing power and the best standard warranty in the truck market. The design and layout of the Titan may seem outdated in comparison to its main competitors, but standards on truck styling have begun to evolve way beyond status quo. Most truck shoppers are inherently looking for utility and reliability over sporty performance and luxurious materials; hence the forthright and concise styling of the Titan seems more than apt.

The Titans best traits are its powerful and quiet ride- boasting a potent 5.6 L V8 that produces 390 horsepower and 394 lb-ft or torque. This power-house unexpectedly smooth silence can be attributed to Nissans new hydraulic body mount, better engine isolation, and laminated front and side glass. At the drivers seat youll find the console is suitable arranged to help free up interior storage. The Navigation system is placed higher, leaving more dashboard space for additional controls, and the shifter is now mounted on the steering wheel. Additional, lockable storage and a flat load-bearing floor come to fruit with the rear seats folded down.

With great power, comes great towing. The Titan can tow more weight than any other truck on the market- carrying up to 9,000 lbs. The Titan is available with a built in gooseneck tow hitch structure that allows receiver to gooseneck conversion in under three minutes. The setup is easy and convenient and the hitch can be removed and stowed quickly. This is a great benefit for haulers as the gooseneck hitch dramatically reduces trailer sway and also improves maneuverability.

Another great feature for heavy duty truckers is the utility-track system for the bed. It works very well for securing cargo, complete with movable cleats for tie-downs. The tailgate is damped and lowers easily rather than slamming down with a thud. It closes easily with one hand, thanks to a strut hidden behind the right-rear taillight assembly. The Titans bed is illuminated with low mounted lights, for quick and easy bed content surveillance even when a cover is installed.

Nissan has bestowed an impressive 5-year/100,000 bumper-to-bumper warranty onto the 2017 Titan that beats out standard competition by two years and 64,000 miles. There isn’t a truck on the market that can beat the Titans warranty, or its abundant towing capacity. Check out our Titan inventory or schedule your test drive with us at our site!

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