Nissan Plans A Plug-In Hybrid For 2016

One day you may be driving a plug-in Nissan Versa off the lots at Gurley Leep Nissan - and that day may come as soon as 2016 when the auto maker plans to deliver their plug-in hybrid.

This is part of their plan known as "Nissan Green Program 2016," which focuses on reducing the company's carbon footprint, along with shifting to renewable energy.

Future models from the Japanese auto maker are part of this strategy, which includes the improvement of corporate fuel economy by 35%, compared with 2005 levels that are much lower. Nissan will launch vehicles designed, and upgrade class-leading fuel economy across the range of vehicles in the US, Europe, China and Japan.

"Nissan wants to be part of the solution toward a sustainable society - for the sake of the planet and as a significant competitive advantage and a strategic differentiator in the global manufacturing sector," said Nissan President Carlos Ghosn. Ghosn believes consumers are looking for vehicles which "reflect their environmental values."1



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