Meet the 2013 Nissan Altima

Nissan plans on taking the next few years by storm - jeez - they are planning on releasing 5 new models over the next fifteen months.They kicked things off by unveiling the redesigned Nissan Pathfinder at the North American International Auto Show at the beginning of the year. And what is next in line you ask, none other than the Nissan Altima at the New York Auto Show. Starting in July the 2013 Nissan Altima will be available, and the Pathfinder will follow closely behind this fall, with 3 additional models set to hit the Gurley Leep Nissan showroom by the middle of next year.

Before we start talking about what is set to be released next year, lets chat about the 2013 Altima. Did you know as of right now the Nissan Altima is the second best selling car in the US? And we are positive the next-gen 2013 Altima will easily live up to the standard its predecessors have set. Nissan President and CEO Carlos Goshn explains, "The new Altima hits the consumer bulls-eye dead center by delivering a balance of style, performance and value that will continue to make it one of the most popular cars in America."1

How? Well it all starts with a revamped exterior that is just a bit bigger, nearly 80 lbs lighter, and has more aggressive styling than the model it replaces. That includes C and D pillars that have been extended further, reshaped head- and taillights, and a pinched grille that results in improved aerodynamics and fuel economy.

As for the interior Nissan took a queue from NASA and used their research to design seats that can actually help reduce fatigue during long trips. Meanwhile, the new center stack, infotainment display and instrument panel are easier to navigate than ever before. What does this mean for the driver? Well for one it helps with safety in that the blind-spot warning system and and Nissan Connected infotainment system (including Bluetooth) are incredibly easy to access.

What can you expect under the hood of the 2013 Altima?. You'll find an updated version their Continuously Variable Transmission for both the 2.5L inline four and the 3.5L six-cylinder, both of which will see a boost in performance and fuel economy to boot! The four-cylinder is now the most fuel-efficient non-hybrid powertrain in the midsize sedan market with an EPA-estimated 38 miles-to-the-gallon.

Wow, that's a lot of changes. But, remember that there are four more redesigned models headed our way in the next year. So be sure to stay tuned with Gurley Leep Nissan for more news on this and all of the other new Nissan models set to roll into our showroom.


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