Nissan LEAF Sets Two World Records

Two world records were set by stunt driver Terry Grant at this years Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK - and both were set in Nissan models. But that isn't even the coolest part, he was driving in reverse the whole time!

Just last year he famously drove a Nissan Juke up a hill on just two wheels -backwards. This time around he wanted to put the Nissan LEAF to the test, His goal was to set the worlds fastest reverse time in an electric vehicle, which he achieve, and then broke his own record.

His first time up the 1.16-mile course he was able to finish in slightly over two minutes. He still thought he could do better, so he took to the course again a day later, averaging a speed of about 55 miles an hour, and reaching the top of the hill in just 1:37.

After the record was set, Terry had some things to say, "I had a great car at my disposal - with the direct drive from the electric motor to its wheels, the Nissan LEAF can, in theory, go as fast backwards as it can forwards."1 And while that is absolutely true, you won't find a LEAF like that here at Gurley Leep Nissan, for Nissan caps the vehicles reverse speed at 25 mph.

He goes on to say, "The only complaint I have is a slight neck ache from constantly looking over my shoulder!"2

Alright so we don't suggest driving everywhere backwards, but we do think this is an important reminder of just how much fun the LEAF can be.

The LEAF is available nation wide, so come on into Gurley Leep Nissan and see what all the fuss is about. A member of our team is happy to answer your questions and arrange a test drive.



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