Nissan Donates To A World in Motion Program

2012 Nissan Leaf is a best selling EV in the US, Canada, even Europe. Norway recently sold 1000 Leaf EVs, thanks in part to an amazing infrastructure. That country places free public charging stations in major cities, approx. 3500 on them. These ports recharge the 48 laminated compact lithium-ion batteries inside the Japanese electric vehicle. Assisted by an 80kW AC synchronous motor, Leaf produces 107 horsepower, 207 lb-ft of torque, and MPG-equivalent rating of 106 city, 92 highway.

In a continued effort to educate the public about EV tech, Nissan donated $250,000 to SAE International's 'A World In Motion' program at a recent event.

The award-winning program presents science, engineering and math to K-12 students by teaching laws of physics, motion, and electronics with age-appropriate lessons.

"Nissan is proud to partner with the SAE Foundation to sustain the roll-out of the A World In MotionĀ® curriculum," said Carla Bailo, VP of R & D at Nissan. "These innovative materials may help to launch a new generation of engineers, scientists and problem solvers."1

Over four million students have taken part in the program since 1990, with 65,000 activity kits provided to teachers. The result - tens of thousands of children growing up to become engineers, working on alternative fuels and energy sources.

Car shoppers in the Mishawaka area looking for more information on alternative fuels, or a closer look at new Nissan models, can stop by Gurley Leep Nissan and get a lesson of their own.



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