Use these Helpful Tips from Nissan to Show Off Your New Ride in Style

We can't think of any other feeling that's better than showing off your new Nissan from Gurley Leep Nissan. And because of this, we have compiled a few ways to do this, because we are sure that with current trends, you not only invite people over to see it, but have some followers on Facebook and Twitter, ready to see your next status update on your new ride that may not live remotely close to you.

Because of this, the power of photo sharing is important in showing off your new Nissan. Utilizing photo sharing on Facebook, Twitter and especially the current king of photo sharing, Instagram is very important.

But, let's not get too ahead of ourselves. Before snapping any photo of your new ride, you want to make sure it shines in front of the camera. And, to do this you will need to give it a new wash.

And, even though the shine is on point and your camera is ready, you want to make sure that lighting it perfect. Because of this, make sure you pick a good time to snap the photo. The best time to shoot is when there is a clear sky in either the early morning or early evening. When you get this, the sun will best hit the car's paint and give it an added bit of definition to make it stand out even more.

After, make sure you angle your camera right to capture your new Nissan car's best side. It is best to aim for a lower angle because literally every single one looks better this way.

Our last and final tip is to make sure you keep up on snapping pictures of your new Nissan. Keep the shine up and you will forever have a new car to show off to your friends, wherever they may live. If you need that extra touch to make your car look good on camera, make an appointment with our  Nissan service experts at 5210 N Grape Road Mishawaka, IN 46545.

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